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What is Boozy high Resin?

Boozy High Resin LLC is a business that specializes in handmade resin crafts. The theme of the products are marijuana and booze. WE DO NOT SELL MARIJUANA OR ALCOHOL. Some of our products are for people who like to smoke and drink. We make custom items as well, so if you would like to a name added to your item please let us know when you place your order. Some of our products are ashtrays, shot glasses, coasters, rolling trays, grinders, book marks, dominos and key chains. We add new products often so make sure to check us out. Your item will be shipped within two weeks. Due to the items and the science that comes with making resin products, we estimate two weeks in case the consistency of the resin is not perfect. We take pride in each item we sell which is why we allow two weeks in case there is an error. If the consistency is correct, your order will be shipped in 3-4 days. We look forward to servicing you! 

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